Learn more in four days than in two years of a master’s program on vehicle dynamics

OptimumG’s seminars offer a wealth of information packed in four days. You and your team can learn so many skills, tips, and tricks to help you succeed. Our seminars are always evolving based on the changing environments in the industry.

Applied Vehicle Dynamics Seminar

Past attendees tell us this seminar is one of the most intense experiences they’ve ever had in a classroom setting. It pushes you to go beyond experience and intuition and makes you ask “why,” “how,” and “how much” certain factors affect vehicle performance.

You’ll interact with other attendees, watch live demonstrations, and ask questions to get feedback. By the end, you’ll have learned about every aspect of vehicle dynamics, plus data acquisition and analysis.

This seminar is internationally recognized as one of the best sources of knowledge in vehicle dynamics for engineers. You learn the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed in your projects. From designing a new car concept or exploiting an existing design, you’ll learn applied vehicle dynamics for car design, simulation, manufacturing, preparation, testing, and development.

Seminar Topics:

  • Vehicle dynamics fundamentals
  • Tire testing, modeling, and analysis
  • Steady-state and transient-state vehicle dynamics behavior basics
  • Lateral and longitudinal weight transfer
  • Aerodynamics
  • Transient vehicle dynamics
  • Kinematics and compliance
  • Simulation and simulation validation
  • In-lab and on-track testing

Data Driven Performance Engineering Seminar

To succeed in racing today, experience and knowledge alone won’t cut it. Engineers have to process mountains of data from many sources to make the right decisions. And it’s the ability to consistently make the right decisions quickly that separates winners from losers. This seminar covers the tools and methods behind data processing that constantly improves racecar performance by blending theory and hands-on exercises.

Seminar Topics:

  • Workshop measurements
  • Bench testing and lab testing
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Data acquisition hardware
  • Driver evaluation through key performance indicators
  • Vehicle evaluation through key performance indicators
  • Data analysis techniques
  • Tire management
  • Team organization
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