A game changer on suspension design and development.

Introducing the Optimization Module: an OptimumKinematics add-on that revolutionizes the traditional computer-aided suspension design process.

Modern development demands have been increasing rapidly. The search for the optimal solutions on every engineering aspect has become more crucial. Simulation and analysis are not enough anymore. The Optimization Module fills this gap on suspension design.

Key Features:

  • High quality and optimized suspension systems in a fraction of time – The Optimization Module puts the computer to work for the designer, delivering optimal solutions in a fraction of time.
  • Multi-objective – Good suspension kinematics rely on a trade off between their many characteristics, thus, the Optimization Module is able to handle as many objectives as needed.
  • 3D visualizations and results preview – Monitor the evolution of your suspension system by analyzing the 3D visualization and the objective as the optimization is running.
  • Custom design space and boundaries – Only change the pickup points you want and keep them within the volume you defined, or not!

$295.00 USD/year