Finally, software that takes the work out of car design and creation.
And, yes, user-friendly.

Introducing OptimumKinematics, software that makes computer-aided suspension design and analysis fast and convenient.
Our engineers created OptimumKinematics after years of customers asking the same car-handling questions and facing the same suspension design challenges.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive user-friendly layout – Features three sections: Design, motion, and analysis so you can work faster and smarter.
  • Fast and reliable solver – Successfully validated against leading CAD software packages and test data collected at automotive labs.
  • Interactive 3D visualizations – Inspecting and modifying suspension design is easy.
  • Powerful Post Processing Tools – Includes more than 400 data channels that can be plotted against each other or tabulated in a report. Easily compare results from multiple designs in customizable graphs and report tables.
  • Direct application to car design and setup – Tools to design experiments as well as built-in flexibility for units and coordinate systems.
$295.00 US/year