Finally, software that takes the work out of car design and creation.
And, yes, user-friendly.

Introducing OptimumKinematics, software that makes computer-aided suspension design and analysis fast and convenient.

Our engineers created OptimumKinematics after years of customers asking the same car-handling questions and facing the same suspension design challenges.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive user-friendly layout – Features three sections: Design, motion, and analysis so you can work faster and smarter.
  • Fast and reliable solver – Successfully validated against leading CAD software packages and test data collected at automotive labs.
  • Interactive 3D visualizations – Inspecting and modifying suspension design is easy.
  • Powerful Post Processing Tools – Includes more than 400 data channels that can be plotted against each other or tabulated in a report. Easily compare results from multiple designs in customizable graphs and report tables.
  • Direct application to car design and setup – Tools to design experiments as well as built-in flexibility for units and coordinate systems.

Extend OptimumKinematics with powerful Add-Ons

OptimumKinematics Optimization Module

High quality and optimized suspension systems in a fraction of time. The Optimization Module puts the computer to work for the designer, delivering optimal solutions in a fraction of time.

Multi-objective. Good suspension kinematics rely on a trade off between their many characteristics, thus, the Optimization Module is able to handle as many objectives as needed.

3D visualizations and results preview. Monitor the evolution of your suspension system by analyzing the 3D visualization and the objective as the optimization is running.

Custom design space and boundaries. Only change the pickup points you want and keep them within the volume you defined, or not!

OptimumKinematics Forces Module

Define input load cases. Simulate the front and rear suspension for any combination of forces and moments, which can be applied either at the contact patch or at wheel centers.

Combine force and motion inputs. Simulate forces and moments inputs at any heave, roll, pitch, and steering configuration.

Analyze results. Output channels include forces and moments reactions at every suspension pick-up point. You can easily export these results as tables, and use them as inputs in FEA software.

$295.00 US/year