OptimumTire is convenient, intuitive, and powerful because it lets you perform advanced tire data analysis, visualization, and model fitting.

You can easily compare all aspects of the tire models to raw tire data to ensure accuracy. Plus, it lets you adjust tire model coefficients, and it includes scaling factors. This means tire models will accurately correlate to data collected from test rig and road testing. Tire models as well as the processed data can be exported from many file formats.

Key Features:

  • Import data from any source in any coordinate system and units
  • Trim and process tire data
  • Fit tire models from raw data
  • Display tire data and models in 2-D and 3-D visualizations
  • Create custom graphs or use predefined templates
  • Export models for vehicle dynamic simulations
  • Create automated tire analysis reports by connecting to Excel/MATLAB

Supported Tire Models:

  • Pacejka Magic Formula ’89/’94
  • Pacejka Magic Formula ’96
  • Pacejka Magic Formula 2002
  • Pacejka Magic Formula 2002 with pressure effects
  • Pacejka Magic Formula 2006
  • PAC2002
  • MF5.2
  • MF6.1 / 6.2
  • Fiala
  • Harty
  • Custom tire models (program your own)
$295.00 US/year
Lets you import and export tire data and tire models to create 2-D and 3-D charts. Perfect for times when you’re interested in making tire analysis but don’t need to perform tire model fittings.
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