Need help designing a winning car?

OptimumG products are available on a yearly subscription basis.
Teams can select any combination of software based on their needs and only pay for what they use.
Each license can be used on multiple computers.
Aids in suspension design and analysis, and it’s faster and more convenient than other software on the market.
A tire data visualization and modeling tool that gives you better insight into how a particular tire operates, so you can run more accurate vehicle simulations.
A computational vehicle dynamics software that lets you design your own suspension and vehicle components, set-up a car, and analyze more than 500 outputs.
A FREE, simplified, vehicle simulation tool that estimates a vehicle’s performance on a given racetrack within 10% of reality. And it gives you accurate and useful results in minutes.

Purchase Student Software


$295.00 US/year
$50.00 US/year
$295.00 US/year
$295.00 US/year

Bundle and save

Buy 1 Software Products – $295.00 US/year.
Buy 2 Software Products – $495.00 US/year.
Buy 3 Software Products – $695.00 US/year.


If you already own OptimumKinematics and want to add the Forces Module, you can do so for $50.00 US/year.
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OptimumG Software Benefits

Free upgrades

FREE lifetime support

No maintenance fee

Free video tutorials

Powered by internationally recognized company with decades of experience

University Licenses

Currently, more than 200 academic institutions around the globe are using OptimumG’s software.