Both seminars that I did (Vehicle Dynamics and Data Driven) were amazing, the amount of content cover during both periods were intense, but the lecturers managed to keep everyone interested. I can say that my understanding in vehicle dynamics and data increased a lot after doing the seminars, a lot of practical examples were used as well the experience from Claude and others has helped for the seminar be so valuable.

Ramon Augusto Bremm Zaura
MSC Advanced Motorsport Engineering Student, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing

I am using OptimumLap in my lecture “Race Car Data Analysis” to sensitize the students what’s important in racing. OptimumLap is very easy to use and it takes the students about ten minutes to make their first laptime simulations. They are able to create sensitivity studies for different tracks and virtually race against each other. I will use OptimumTire in my lecture “Tire Modelling” starting next autumn to show the students the process from measured raw data to a usable tire model. They will create their own tire models from raw data and compare different tire models.
Philipp Eder
Professor Institut für Fahrzeugtechnik,
Automotive Engineering
I met Claude for the first time in 2000 in Paris as I attended his Vehicle Dynamics Seminar. Being still a student, I stayed in touch with him and later on I chose to complete my end of studies internship within OptimumG. Thinking about it now, this was probably the best start I could give to my racing career. Claude’s teaching skills made me understand very quickly and efficiently the basics of racing engineering. These notions learnt within OptimumG quickly became very sharp weapons to perform in the highly competitive world of international motorsport. Learning the basics and mostly understand how to apply them to solve practical problems on track is, to my point of view, what makes the difference when it comes to win races. I definitely recommend OptimumG for young and passionate engineers who wish to quickly fill up their racing engineering toolbox.

Renaud Dufour
Motorsport Engineering Consultant,
Lead Engineer – AMG Team Black Falcon

I had joined OptimumG in the summer of 2005 after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in mechanical engineering. While my experience in FSAE at Cal Poly taught me an enormous amount, my time at OptimumG really brought all the concepts together. The OptimumG internship program really helped to set me apart from other job applicants and allowed me to get my first job with a professional race team. Since then, I’ve been able to be a part of multiple championships and countless race wins. However, I think the most rewarding part has been being a design judge at FSAE competitions alongside Claude and other former OptimumG interns.

Justin Jang
Owner of Data Driven LLC and contracted to Bryan Herta Autosport as Assistant/Data Race Engineer and Customer Support Engineer for Hyundai Motorsports in North America

OptimumG distribution software were extremely helpful in developing our vehicle. Both versatile and functional, these softwares allowed optimal decision making to boost the efficiency of the vehicle’s dynamics.

– Mathiew Jacquet, Écurie Piston Sport Auto (EPSA)

Your software proved to be invaluable and we owe our success this season to you! The knowledge of our car, and its improved performance, gives us a substantial competitive advantage. Tiger20 had an extremely successful 2018-2019 season culminating in a stunning 18th place out of 109 of the best teams at FSAE Michigan! This is the team’s first top 20 finish since 2014 and we couldn’t have done this without your help!

– The Clemson Formula SAE Team

I first met Claude when I was studying mechanical engineering in Paris in the early 2000s. I decided to invest in his 3-days seminar on vehicle dynamics and data analysis. This was probably the best investment I have ever made as it gave me a very important and solid understanding of Motorsport Engineering principles, both theoretical and practical, that you could not acquire just by reading books. Following this seminar, I went to Denver to work with Claude for a 1-year internship working on all aspects of vehicle dynamics, Motorsport Engineering, and data analysis for a new 12-days seminar Claude was creating. This was a very valuable experience and my knowledge of Motorsport Engineering increased exponentially during this time. To this day, in my current job as a Race Engineer in F1, I am still mainly employing principles I learnt during this period. I can strongly recommend Claude’s seminar for anyone aspiring to have a career in Motorsport Engineering.

– Julien Simon-Chautemps, Senior Race Engineer for Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo Racing – F1 Team

Although my studies in automotive engineering are already well behind me and my career path has not really been the typical one that could lead me into racing, I decided one day to realize my dream of getting a job in motorsport. Books in the subject matter are sometimes very theoretic and complicated to understand. The OptimumG seminars are the exact opposed. Crucial aspects of a race car design and set-up that you can’t understand just from a book are exposed with clear examples. The seminars are the best and most fascinating engineering courses I have ever taken. For my job search, Claude also gave me some useful advice and I had the opportunity to gain experience in using OptimumG’s software. All of this helped me to find a job in the racing industry.

– Michaël Klaey, Design Engineer, Emil Frey Racing